How to Tell If You Need New Tyres

Whether you walk into a showroom or you check some tyres online stores, chances are you will be overwhelmed with the hundreds of brands, models and sizing standards. There are plenty of compositions and styles, not to mention the price discrepancies. Luckily, you do not have to be an expert to find the right tyres, but just pay attention to some simple considerations. Unless you need these tyres for a performance track, you can usually skip small details.

First, make sure that your car does need new tyres. You can do it with a simple visual inspection. Look for excessive tread wear. Tyres should be seriously worn out, while treads should be relatively small. Look at the sidewalls too. Do they look cracked? Plus, can you see any discoloration? If you face at least one of these problems, you most likely need a new set. On the other hand, tyres are less likely to resist forever. Even if they look good, they should be replaced if they are older than 7 years. Reach to Nordentyres.co.uk and choose tyres online according to the owner's manual. Keep in mind that rubber tends to deteriorate when exposed to oxygen.

The owner's manual is your best friend when not sure what tyres to buy. Each car manufacturer has some recommendations for the sizing standards. They make these suggestions for a top-notch performance, as well as handling, fuel economy, safety, cornering and so on. Sure, small changes will not kill you, but they might make your life harder.

19 Sep 2015